Hitboxes and Weapons

  • I feel this game needs to take a good look at how weapons hit properly on a players hit box. This one example should say it all. I was in in a TDM where it was Ninja’s Vs. Spartans. I started on Ninja with the beginning sword and of course Spartans have 12 foot spears, now this is what I don’t get whenever I get inside the Spartans area of attack face to face" somehow a 12 foot spear is still able to hit me even tough I’m behind the spear all together.

    It only makes sense I go for the inside to counter the range of the spear, yet the game still comes in and says “Nope 12 foot spear hit you at 1 foot range too”. LOL Please take a look at the image I made to explain this.

  • correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t all weapons count hits if any part of the weapon intersects a hit box? For example, hilts of swords, poles of polearms, et cetera. Or even better (and same as OP’s example), how there is pull-back damage with stuff like the brandi. My understanding is that its just poor implementation of hit detection

  • It’s called dragging, every weapon release a trace after windup and if you collide with that track you take the hit in that place. And facehugging to prevent closer hit doesnt work fortunately.

  • With the new tracers, wouldn’t it do far less dmg if he hit you at the start of his spear thrust than if he had hit you with the end of the thrust(the spear head). Meaning, he still hit you, yes. It hurt a little, but it didn’t do full damage because of his attack approach.

  • yes stabbing with most long range weapons at face hugging range will do crap damage

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