Kingdoms Rise (Another HL2 mod, going retail)

  • Kingdoms Collide is going retail as well!
    The two top Melee mods I was watching on the Source Engine, have both gone Retail. BS…and now Kindoms Collide; with Kingdoms Rise:

    I don’t think it’s advertisement or stealing players away by posting this, I think they can co-exist. Both fill a genre. One is duel, BS, obviously, which KR will feature, but KR also has classes like Archer, Mage, ect…which allow for a type of Team-play, which can be a fun dynamic. I think some BS players would enjoy KR, and some KR players might enjoy BS, both communities could benefit, both are aimed at niches.

    If anyone wants to try the sadly dead mod, you can get a feeling for combat mechanics that will be solid when finished.(IThey’re rough, but if you were in the 2011 beta for Blade Symphony, well, you know how bad THAT was.)

    Really recommend looking into it. Can play over there, recommend BS to them, ect. It covers that aspect of Teamplay that BS lacks. Also a good one for not as srs business, I think I’ma gnab it the second it’s available.


    Alpha, rough, but looks damn fun.

  • Looks interesting.

  • Found a pretty sweet video, well, my friend did, I missed it:


  • game looks graphically decent

  • Bows? Spells? Fucking dropped.

  • Animations look bleh.

  • I like how it says Alpha stage and everyone complains about animations. Seriously. Especially give Chivalries animations. :P

  • I need dis gayyymmmmmmm


  • It looks awesome!

  • Yeah. Will probably get it.

  • Looks really interesting. I really like the combination of melee and spells n’ shit. Also, the fact that it’s a source game should make the combat “reliable”. If they develop nice game modes and challenges, this could turn out great! I also hope there’s more depth to it than what’s visible in the trailer.

    Don’t think I’ll ever enjoy it as much as Chivalry though.

  • It’s not Source, they sadly went UDK, as did Chivalry, but it’s a popular move to do. I read Source is tough, but allows alot of customization, while UDK is simple, makes everything easy, but you don’t have too much control.

  • It looks like a pile of shite to me. I found your post on steam also in chivalry? You crass peasant.
    Are you not breaking some sort of rules advertising other games within communities here and on steam?
    I will be looking into that without a doubt.

  • why do you say “sadly UDK” when source engine is complete garbage for melee games? lul

  • Played this game for two hours today. (Would have played more if not for buggy match searching feature)
    Game is really really fun. When you go on rampages and murder everybody, it has the similar godlike feeling as chivalry, though I would dare say even stronger.

    Combat works in the way that all attacks and parries have directional click & drag. Saw lots in the chat in game complaining about how parrying is useless, I really didn’t find that to be the fact. I’m pretty sure my aim in the game is still just really shit.
    The combination of spells and swords is really intense and creates for some truly epic fights.
    Game is still early access, but from what I’ve gathered from testing the various swords, they all seem fairy balanced and all could practically be called “OP” with the right spells setup. F.ex tank sword with heal and negate magic spells. Mobility sword with stealth and teleport spell etc.

    Game will eventually go free2play if all goes according to the developers plans. I read somewhere that later on they will release a free version where you can play single player/LAN. and a buy2play version that will have online multiplayer. Their kickstarter should be right round the corner

  • bought this today too. I immediately liked the way it looked. like dark souls banged chivalry and spit out a epic skill based fantasy game. hopefully they can pull it off.

  • Are their forums just permanently down or what?

  • Man, this game looks kinda fun.
    Unless someone here would be kind to point out a major dealbreaker, I’ll probably buy it during the weekend. ^^

  • @B4RK:

    Man, this game looks kinda fun.
    Unless someone here would be kind to point out a major dealbreaker, I’ll probably buy it during the weekend. ^^

    Played it for 8 hours so far. Haven’t really noticed anything game breaking. It’s just early access and in need of some minor balancing changes.

  • Got it gifted and gotta say, the movement in this game is REALLY awful. This game is nowhere near as good as chiv.

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