Things you need to polish out

  • The game needs a lot of polishing, I think everyone can agree on that. I wanna state here the things that really annoy me the way they work now in the game, not gonna go into classes, just mechanics. I think tb set on their decision on making this game faster pace, I see several problems with how that works but we all know they wont change that so lets skip that and talk about other stuff.

    The first and the most important is how unresponsive game is. It feels like everything I do comes out a moment too late. The only thing that comes up fast is block and that is only if you are not doing anything else but even that has some problems. Blocking against certain weapons makes you almost guess and throw it very early, or you wont block it at all. When you attacked, you can’t block for a good second. That is so bad, I am not saying that they should bring panic parry that some people hate but blocking should not have such a delay if you just finished an attack. Also sometimes blocks don’t work at all and I get some cliping animation which I came to conclusion might be me canceling an attack, the problem is that I never made an attack or I did but it was a good second ago while I was still mid swing of my first attack. The game should just work smother where you could switch between defense and offense better.
    I suggest making blocks work faster make controls more responsive. Half of the time I am stuck in a flinch where nothing works and everything gets canceled even though I am not even hit. The unresponsive commands seem to overlap one another and cancel the shit out of each other.

    The second is a duck, it never works. I tried it against every class and I still get hit by lmb. Of couse I look down as I crouch. Either attacks are way too fast to duck or something with tracers. It worked before but now I get hit every time and I watch it for it to be an lmb that I am ducking.

    The next thing is a foot step sound. You need to make it louder, except ninjas. It is so light that you wont likely hear someone coming unless they use voice commands. This really takes out from ninjas that suppose to have that advantage of silent walk. Right now everyone has it, it’s not impossible to hear but very hard and in a big fight you wont hear it. In mw I always hear someone coming even if I am already fighting few people, I think thats how it should work in dw too.

    The sound when you get hit by projectiles. If I get hit by shuriken or spear I just flinch and hear no sound. It’s funny and just feels really unpolished.

    This is all I can think of right now without touching class balance and saying obvious things like unlocks need to work as intended.

  • Ducking works fine and i can hear footsteps fine so I don’t agree on those points.

    With regards to the spear, you’re right. This problem arose out of a beta patch a few weeks ago and it hasnt been resolved.

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