Double Kill Shuriken Bug?

  • I thought for many hours the other night that I actually somehow managed to get a double kill with a shuriken but in fact it was the same individual being credited to me twice? Here is proof: Hope I helped the devs.

  • That’s a bug that’s happened a couple of time to me too. Not exclusive to the shuriken, though, can happen with any weapon. Also, notice how the kill icons indicate a thrown hammer gave you the double kill.

    Anyway, bug doesn’t really hurt anyone, and it doesn’t happen very often. No reason to put this on any priority list, imo ^^

  • B4RK this is a terrible bug! It needs to be fixed ASAP. In fact all the employees at TBS should focus all of their efforts on this bug. Not just the programmer, but the artists and modelers and map-makers. This bug will destroy the game.

  • Oh shi- Hadn’t thought of it that way before!
    I’ll call the president, see what he can do about it, asap.

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