Losing ranks?

  • Hey forum!
    I’ve been having problems lately with losing ranks.
    Basically what happens is; I play for quite a while, unlock some nice weapons and w/e, get some ranks (went from 6 to 10 last night). Then when I leave the server, they disappear and I get to start from level 6 again. This has happened to me the last three days and I never get to keep my ranks.

    Any solution?


  • You are not alone

    I have been playing for a while with this issue.

    I have been bouncing between level 24 and 25 for a week now. Luckily, today I went to 27 but then the next game , poof, back to 24. I normally play Archer, but I wanted to unlock Knight veteran helmet, and I was one step close to do so, but my Knight unlockables (the ones I obtained during my session today) became locked again!

    This is frustrating

  • I’ve been reading posts about this issue that date back over a year.

    How is this not fixed? Steam shouldn’t sell a game that’s broken. It’s incredibly frustrating.

    I’ve been reset to rank 2 or 1 almost every time I play. My weapons are constantly being reset. I only play on official servers, so that’s not the issue. I really want to play and recommend this game to friends, but losing my progression every session is not fun.

    What the heck is going on!?

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