Editing the material of a static mesh

  • Hello,

    I have a static mesh, the wall in the center of the preview viewport. I changed the material to these dark bricks. Now I would like to scale the material, so the bricks appear smaller. Is that possible? F5 gives me “no surface selected”.

  • Surface Material Browsers does not work on Static Meshes I suggest you watch some tutorial videos on Materials for the UDK. Try some of these http://www.youtube.com/user/3DBuzz/sear … =Materials

    Here is a simple setup.

  • I don’t think you can directly modify the source material because you wont be able to save a modified package from the initial game. The thing you can do is to select all the nodes of the material ( maj + alt + mouse selection ) then CTRL + C , create your own new material in your own package , then CTRL + V and then modify it at your will.

  • Thanks! Can you recommend the whole tutorial series of 3DBuzz? I’m through Buckys 65 or somewhat videos but still feel like I don’t know all too much about the UDK actually.

  • You can copy the static meshes source Material into your map Package and then edit the Material. If it is a Material Instance it will have a parent Material. Go find the Parent and copy that into your map package and edit that. Then you can make a new Material instance and edit that on the fly.

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