Credit Where It Is Due

  • Torn Banner staff! I love you all. Chivalry has brought me and my friends hours upon hours of fun, not to mention I played age of chivalry, and you’re all my own personal Jesuses for expanding on that and making it into something truly great. It was only natural I give you my money without a second thought when you came out with DW. And, as the Discovery Channel will endlessly reassert, nature turns out to be cruel and unforgiving.

    The viking and the pirate? Same voice actor, right? I’m right, aren’t I? They sound like somebody’s roommate, who you approached with something to the effect of, “Hey dude, if you read these lines I will buy you a beer.” But that’s nitpicking. Who cares if they’re uninspired and lazy? That would not faze me. You deserve more than a little leeway. In fact, the ninja and samurai are quite well done, and leaving the knight’s voice from Chivalry was a sound move.

    The animations have been cranked at before, much beyond any kind of problem that I personally have with them, although I agree that they seem rushed. Once again that’s shallow water under the bridge. I can reasonably believe that ninjas and samurais would punch in such a jerky, awkward way.

    It doesn’t matter to me if everything gets reset periodically, at any point that there is any kind of update, or even when there isn’t. Anyone who’s played Chivalry to any degree has gotten used to that. All this business about “textField” where options should be? Didn’t even bat an eye. It’s not like we don’t know what those text fields are supposed to say.

    No, none of those things matter to your die hard fan. It all comes down to…Well, I have no idea, to be honest. It’s frame rate. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare runs at a solid 60-80 fps at all times. It didn’t used to, for me, at the beginning: it was much like DW is now. Stuttery at any option level and tremendously frustrating. But my machine was garbage. Couldn’t get too upset, it was my own fault. So I got an Alienware gaming machine later and Chivalry was child’s play to run. Fun ensued. I was king of the world when I started that game up and it ran like an Olympian, all the disappointment had melted away. Let me tell you, when DW started up, I had Vietnam flashbacks. The main menu was at an appalling 10 FPS. TEN! MAIN MENU! This was unprecedented, and there were many, many high graphic threshold games played between CMW and CDW. Every setting option and google suggestion change later and nothing is better. Official release and what I am hoping was optimization and nothing is better. I’m not a ranty person and my absolute disappointment and sadness has fueled this letter to you.

    I have no suggestions for you. I know how hard it is to make it work and I reserve little hope. I love you, TB, but I think we should see other people.

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