Constant Crashing

  • Much like many other people, with the recent patch I’ve been getting “udk.exe has stopped working” errors a lot. It would usually crash while on the screen right after the Torn Banner logo, with the war scene and green bar and all that. I browsed a bit on here, and I verified the game cache. It said that it reacquired 4 files, and that seemed to work, as I was actually able to load it up and get into a game. However, when that game ended, it crashed while loading up the next one. I tried verifying the game cache again, and it said it reacquired 4 files again. I tried playing again, and the same thing happened. I’ve done this many times now, as it’s pretty much my only way of actually opening the game, but it’s getting quite annoying to have it crash after every single game. If anybody knows how to fix this, I’d appreciate it.

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