Server problems with custom content to consider

  • Hi all,

    The way of made your custom content I think is generating some problems on servers online, I think to avoid these problems the best way is:

    1 - Never change the url workshop ID, if a map change this ID the server never download new content and also the automatic tool for servers “workshopservertool.exe” fails with urls that do not exist but still remains in the list of downloads.

    2 - Keep old version content in the package or new content with same map names, if this occurs the server stays unusable because the client download new content with another name and not have the old map in the server mapcycle.

    Please consider this, I don´t know if you have problems with development tools, many changes generates too much work and attention of the server, there is no guarantee of continuous online support of these maps with this discontrol . I guess this happens to more operators and they are thinking “remove maps” is the solution.

    I hope that is helpful, best regards ;)

  • I think some maps that were uploaded when the workshop was in beta had to be deleted and re-uploaded due to a change in the workshop. Hopefully this will no longer happen.

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