More Variety, Without Quantity

  • I’ve been playing the Deadliest Warrior DLC for quite some time now and I’ve noticed a lot of the same questions and suggestions being made. Many people desire more of a variety of classes and warriors other than the six that we have now. However, to add more warriors would require more spots to be made in the GUI and more work that I’m sure would be tiresome for Torn Banner. However, the other day, I had a brilliant idea to solve the desire for more warriors.Many of the warriors already in the game are very similar to other warriors from the TV show and from history. My idea is to allow alternate character skins for each of the different classes.

    How this would work is that you would have a class, say the Spartan, that you could unlock an alternate skin for. Reach a certain rank, and you can unlock an alternate skin for a Roman Centurion. It would use the same character skeleton, however the appearance would change. The Spartan armor choices could be replaced with Roman Centurion armor and the shield could be replaced with a Centurion Shield. The Spartan weapons would be altered into Roman spears and swords, considering the Romans used mostly the same weapons as Spartans. This would allow for more of a variety of customization, without having to greatly alter the game by adding more characters.

    Alternate Skin Possibilities:
    Samurai -> Mongol
    Spartan -> Roman Centurion
    Ninja -> Apache
    Viking -> ???
    Knight -> ???
    Pirate -> ???

    If you have any suggestions to add to my idea, please comment them below and I will add them.

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