The team balancing system sucks. Can it change please?

  • All the situations I’ve been in, I’ve been one of the first few people on a team.

    If teams are unbalanced when I join, I always pick the underdog.

    The balancing system doesn’t move the last person, it just picks someone out of thin air. For the past hour I’ve been moved three times, even though I’m either the first to join, or the second. 3 more people come in after me, and I’M the one moved.

    Please fix this. It’s very low priority, and I’m having a blast. . . but I feel like it’s unfair in a game where your team is your class. Early bird should get the worm, and team balancing should work after the fact.

  • Team balancing needs a lot of work. I wouldn’t expect any significant progress on that for about six months. =3

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