Hillside Ballista & Masons + Map Grievances

  • Why can’t Mason’s interact with the ballista on Hillside? I can see in competitive play that being an issue but not in public games. It must be for balance reasons because even Mason’s can use the ballista on Stoneshill and you’re not even supposed to be able to reach those.

    Is there a reason that the ballista’s turn speed hasn’t been upgraded across the board so that all ballista are on par with the turn speed of the Citadel ballista? You said that you were going to remove Treb 3 and focus on balancing the rest of Hillside but you’ve only removed Treb 3 so far and only touched the pyre times.

    There still isn’t an overtime feature. If you successfully light the pyre in the last few seconds remaining, it still doesn’t add on time immediately and instead waits until the wall has been blown up. If you lit the pyre within the last 5 or 8 seconds then Agatha just runs out of time. This goes for a lot of other maps as well such as killing all the kings family members doesn’t immediately end the game. Either incorporate an overtime feature or have time added onto the clock happen immediately when objectives are complete and have games immediately declare a winner on final objectives complete.

    Voice your annoyances/concerns with current maps in CMW so we can discuss ways to fix them.

  • @DokB:

    Voice your annoyances/concerns with current maps in CMW so we can discuss ways to fix them.

    Well let’s start with the most obvious so we can get that one out of the way:


    • Mason - Masons are making complete fools out of theirselves by not bringing any ladders and just take out those pesky archers hiding on the wall. Instead they struggle with hiding behind the few barricades that exist in the map(which Agatha appearantly forgot to take back to their castle when they heard the Masons were coming from the hills)

    • Mason - Masons seem to be desperate to once again make complete fools out of theirselves by refusing to extend the roof of the battering ram by just 0,5m. Now the roof is rendered pretty much completely useless and people in the midst of battering gates are still boiled alive by oil falling out of the sky.

    • Agatha - There’s a perfectly solid unflammable barricaded church a few houses away and yet every peasant, surprise attack or not, decides to randomly run around for the full 30 minutes-duration of the match if left unslaughtered.

    • Agatha - When the Mason Order reaches the throneroom in an attempt to kill the king it appears that Feydrid(“king”) decides to stand in front of the iron gate instead of behind it to ensure his survival. So obviously this means that Feydrid prefers a warrior’s death over a cowardly survival, however then suddenly decides it’d be best to just hide behind comrad’s tower shields for the remainder of the battle.


    • Agatha - Lighting a pyre at midnight seems an awful lot like some sort of sneak-attack to me. So why is it that, when it becomes obvious the Mason Order is aware of their presence, Agatha is unable to just tell the captains on the boats that have landed on the shore to alert the ships? The tutorial clearly indicates that these boats are as fast as a speedboat so Agatha might as well take advantage of this sorcery.

    • Agatha - Really, Agatha? When you are using the enemies’ ballista you raise a huge Agatha flag to let every Mason in the area know you are secretly using their siege weapon?

    • Mason - Like you said, DokB, it seems a bit weird how the Mason Order is unable to use their own ballistas. Not only to sent intruding knights flying across the shore, but imagine the Agatha Knights never setting foot on land. The Mason Order would be unable to shoot the enemy ships as they are appearantly all incapable of interacting with their own siege weapons.


    • Agatha - After finally shooting down the wall they move forward completely ignoring the part they just sacrificed many lives for to conquer. Turn around, grab the ballista, and just shoot the Masons. While you’re at it, destroy the door to the citadel as well.

    • Agatha - Can’t you delay freeing the slaves until you killed Malric and banished the Mason Order away? The fact that while under attack you decide to continue smashing these locks to pieces suggests that the slaves you are freeing will join you in the fight, but instead they do a twinkle dance and then disappear like the Teensies in Rayman do.

    • Mason - Same with Feydrid. Malric at first chooses to hold his ground and fight, but then decides it would be better to hide in a corner catching oil pots.

    Some misc. stuff that comes to mind:

    • “Royal” families all look like peasants. You get used to it after a while, but looking back it’s insane that they still haven’t gotten their own character models.

    • Everyone with a hatchet in their hand seems uncapable of just sabotaging the enemy’s objective(ram, cart, etc).

    • For new players, the weapon most used in the tutorial(cudgel) might be the most difficult to unlock of all. Yes, it takes a lot of kills with both a short sword and a long curved one to unlock a small wooden club.

    These are just the ones at the top of the list. The fact that the TO maps are constructed in the silly ways they are makes Chivalry such an iconic medieval fighter. The kind where everyone in the army has a wife and children but believe moving a ram just 2 meters is worth dying for.

  • Lol good list. Though I can think I a couple of explanations.

    The church doors could be locked becuase the peasants who got there first were so scared they locked to doors so everyone was locked out.

    The agathian infantry on hillside are supposed to support the ships. The signal fire had to be lit long enough to endure that te agathians held the hill in front of the wall so the ships could blow it open. And move on with the infantry.

    People complained bitterly in the beta of citadel when the agathians could actually use those ballistas on the wall so torn banner obliged by making them break. Some people are strange.

    People who hide in the corner as malric are completely retarded. The center where the chair is is actually the better place and its easier to survive.

    The royal family is in peasants clothing becuase Feydrid wanted to smuggle them out of stoneshill without anyone noticing. As the masons came across them by complete accident.

    Also this is a game.

  • Why would you burn a cities food supplies to starve them out (Battlegrounds) and immediately launch a full scale assault on the city with a petard? The worst field commanders award goes to Agatha.

    Also can we pretty please have old treb 3 back?

    The royal family is in peasants clothing becuase Feydrid wanted to smuggle them out of stoneshill without anyone noticing.

    They are more likely place holders but it is easier for them to fall back on this.

    People who hide in the corner as malric are completely retarded. The center where the chair is is actually the better place and its easier to survive.

    To be fair, last stage of Citadel is completely retarded on it’s own. Too many routes for attackers to come from and flank the king, all attackers who get through the broken doors are then immediately out of sight of defenders, defender spawns are too far off to each side. Compare this with Stoneshill last stage, you have a long corridor where attackers will be spotted long before they reach the king, it’s great for archers because they can plink at you until their hearts content, Agatha spawn sometimes bugs out and spawns players up topside near the knight statues so they can almost always immediately defend the king. Not to mention that not much time is awarded on the previous stage completion so an attacking team won’t have long to kill the king unless they steam rolled the battering ram stage which is very rare to see.

  • They were probably placeholders but shh.

    Also last stage of malric is harder for the defenders than in stoneshill.

    But in citadel there’s so many escape routes for malric IF he stays up in the centre where the throne is. In stoneshill you don’t really have any escape routes but the long corridor sorta compensates. You can’t even jump over the wall easily I you get surrounded you get stuck.

    On citadel there’s about 6 different staircases. The agathains are never gonna be on all of them and you can jump over the wall if needs be. There are even holes in some parts for you to easily run off. Then you can just loop underneath and go back up again. You usually have a couple of dedicated followers that will keep any stray agathains away.

    Also up top its harder to be spammed with fire pots. Its harder to aim a bit unless you get really close which is unlikely. And you can’t camp the ammo boxes as the way the defending team is now positioned. So you get burnt less.

    Its also less of a clusterfuck and you have room to move. Less team hits.

    Its harder for archers to hit you. If you hide as malric in the spawn there are two places archers can sit which are in perfect range of you. And once of those places is really hard do the attackers to get to an the archers are this cover. If malric is up top archers have to be at their spawn to fire at you which is really hard to land a hit from there on anyone let alone an enemy or even malric. Or they have to be really close but are usually forced into melee. They also don’t hold the higher ground like they do if malric is in the corner. They are lower down meaning there are plenty of obstacles many of them players in the way.

    Your own archers have a lot more freedom to shoot targets and can creat bottlenecks shooting down one staircases.

    You can survive as malric on citadel. But you actually need to try and stay alive. Its not completely your teams fault if you die on citadel. Also never sprint to get to places. You want to regen all your health.

    And don’t get wedged on staircases. The main cause of malric dying is when you go down a stairway and the agathians are coming up the other way. You can’t turn back because your own loyal team followed you down so you end up wedged between everyone on a staircase. Only way to go is over the railing but sometimes you are blocked from doing that. That’s nobodies fault. Just bad luck. Your team was trying to protect you by following you. And you just happened to run into a bunch of agathians going the other way.

    At least its not by fire pots. Or getting team hit so much.

  • Malric should have his own ballista to kill Agathian archers who remain at their spawn.
    The ballista must of course be 3x the usual size and shoot bomb carts. Pressing f10 will make Malric implode, killing everyone in a 20 feet radius while somehow being damaged only 10% himself. Crouching regenerates health 5x faster.
    He obviously transforms into a gigantic boar when his health drops below 50%.

    Kidding aside, Malric is probably the best fit-character for the heavy Flail. Why has he not been given his own version, with his own unique badass shield?

  • High ground in Chivalry isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, especially fighting on elevated surfaces, the person with the low ground will most certainly have the advantage – anyone whose played a while knows how weird parrying and attacking on stairways or at different elevations can be. The throne room is just much too confined, and attackers go un-harassed until they are maybe a few meters from the king.

    I’m not wanting to discuss how to survive as Malric on Citadel (we can both agree that it is difficult but possible to survive), I was hoping more for discussion on what can be done or changed about obvious imbalances in maps.

    Malric is probably the best fit-character for the heavy Flail. Why has he not been given his own version, with his own unique badass shield?

    Because flails and everything about them mechanic wise (hit tracers, swing speed, other statistics) are absolute shit.

  • I was talking about high ground and archers.

  • Still doesn’t matter on citadel seeing as the stairways work against Mason where attackers will just duck beneath them or can simply run deeper into the centre. Not to mention if you miss or hit the shield, they will most likely close the distance because of how cramped everything is.

  • @Rickvs:

    Best list ever

    Oh man this is the best post of the year. Give this person a kickstarter helmet and an award!

  • Whenever I play Hillside (on pubs) I’m experiencing an Agatha win probability of about 90%.

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