Please Report any Deadliest Warrior map bugs here.

  • This is for level bugs only. Anything else will be moved or deleted.

    Please provide screenshots when possible.

    (F12 to take a screenshot saved to your Steam Profile.)

    Level bugs are things such as:
    -Stuck spots
    -Annoying collision
    -Seams/Holes in the maps
    -Areas you can exit the map
    -Overlapping Meshes
    -Lighting errors

    The levels are:
    Acropolis (small, medium)
    Bamboo (small)
    Fjord (small, medium)
    Fortress (small, medium)
    Isle (small, medium)
    Valley (small, medium)

    Known bugs:

    Fixed internally (patch 1):
    Broken Banner in PTB-Acropolis map.

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