Player Starts for FFA custom map! HELP ME :P

  • I was messing around in udk the other day and came up with a pretty interesting map. I built the lighting, geometry and paths after adding some aocplayerstarts. When I try to play the game everything works fine except the most important part…It won’t spawn me. I have tried the utteamplayerstarts and the regular playerstart options on the map. They are not bad size and the game works fine if I press the “play from here” option. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting I have to change or something? Also after I do that how do I go about uploading it to the workshop? Thanks in advance.

  • Make sure you Build Paths when you adjust the spawns
    Did you change the teams to all or ffa in its properties?

  • Thanks, it was the properties. I was looking under the wrong player start option and did not see that they had specific options. Thanks again :P

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