Nerf, Buff, the end of deadliest warrior!

  • Please notice: the following is my opinion and mine alone!

    Hey everyone and a special hello to Torn Banners,

    Well I cut right to the point of this thread: This game is not balanced anymore! It was pretty good balanced at the beginning of the beta I gotta say, but now some aspects are just too ridiculous to be ignored. First of all: The samurai nerf was too heavy! I know alot people cried about them and yes honestly they were a bit over the top, but all in all they fit in, atleast in their role. They are Knights and are supposed to endure many blows and also be abit quicker on their feet than european knights. It was okay to nerf their health a bit and their speed, but the weapon nerf was just too hard. Cmon why the fuck should I use a nodachi, that deals the same amount of dmg like my normal katana, has a tiny bit more of reach, but is also much slower?? The Naginata in fact got too strong. Its ridiculous. But not as ridiculous as the vikings are now. It was the dream of every maa:“OHHHHHHH if i just had the hp of a knight, but keep the speed of my maa and then also have TWO NORSE SWORDS!” Some people may not agree with me. but a good maa with a norse will kill every vanguard and/or knight in a 1v1. Now theres a viking that has two of these and takes as many hits as a samurai/knight. As soon as hes close enough youre dead meat. Now to the ninjas: nope im not gonna say they are weak. Most people look at the fighting capabillity in mass fights. Yes the ninjas are weak there, but in a 1v1? Lets say he lurks up to you and gets a free hit. Next thing that happens he throws a stunbomb and gets a second free hit. If u aren’t viking/knight/samurai ure probably dead by now and couldn’t do anything. And now? right he feints and u know u have to block cause his weapons are freakin fast, only a cyborg could block those things in the blink of the moment when the attack arrives. So now youre dead and u didnt have a chance. If he does not come up from behind he just throws his bomb either way and will get two free hits. This bomb is just too op for 1on1 situations. The guns of the pirates are too weak and unreliable! I know they are annoying as fuck, but they are guns after all. They need a little dmg buff and you should also clarify how the damaging system of the guns work. Sometimes they deal hell of a dmg from far away and sometimes they dont, altho im pretty sure ive got hit in the chest both times. Even at close range the dmg seems to differ much, altho the same body parts have been hit. FIX THE HITBOX OF THE DAMN SPARTAN SHIELD BASH! its just so hard to block, not only because its fucking fast, but where to block seems quite strange! I can look right at that damn shield, it wont work.

    Thats all by now. As conclusion I have to say Iam disappointed, but I will look forward to future patches and see how things turn out!

    greets Caim

  • Yeah…you kind of lost me when you said things were fairly balanced at the start of the beta. Knights were absurdly strong, Vikings were terrible, ninja were terrible, samurai were overpowered, and the pirate guns were hands down the best weapons in the game, and reloaded faster than some of the bows in Medieval Warfare. Now, apart from Vikings, I’d call the classes relatively well balanced for different roles, although I think the different abilities would really shine in Team Objective. You’d have ninja running torches, Spartans and knights defending doors, pirates blowing people off of carts…sigh. Get on it, TB!

  • Shouldn’t have let him lose you, Mockingbird; the man makes some decent points, even if they’re a pain to read. =p

  • Please for the love of sparta use indents! Headache to read.

    I respect that you have this opinion but it really sounds like a vent to me so I won’t really comment further.

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