[ARCHER] Be a better teammate.

  • When I play archer, I find myself going about 50/50 between shooting and melee.

    My role as an archer is to do one of two things:

    Protect and/or assist teammates.
    Protect and/or assist objectives.

    When it comes to protecting teammates, there is three things an archer can do:

    1) Shoot any enemy that comes close to your teammates.

    This does not mean to shoot AT an enemy when they are right next to your teammate as it will most likely kill your teammate. Instead, shoot at an enemy that is not near your teammates or about a good foot or two away. You can also shoot at enemies that aren’t near your teammates, because even doing damage to them will help out.

    Take into account the distance. The further away a target is, the less likely you’ll hit that target, from either missing or the person will have enough time to move out of the way.

    2) Running in to even the field.

    I find that a lot of archers just stare at enemies that are ganging up on a teammate. If you’re close enough to see that there is 2 v 1 and your teammate is the one, don’t be afraid to run up to help. You have melee weapons for a reason.

    If you see an enemy running in to try to make a 1v1 into a 2v1, try to stop them. Even if you’re not killing them but you’re blocking their hits, you’re giving your teammate a much better chance to survive. If your teammate manages to kill the enemy then the tables will turn and it will be a 2v1 for you.

    3) Shoot other archers.

    Everyone knows how annoying it is to go toe to toe with an enemy or possibly more than one, only to be shot by an archer. You want to prevent this by killing their archers.

    Most archers will stay in one area and just shoot away. You can use this to your advantage by taking them out, allowing a more safe and better battlefield for your teammates.

    As for protecting and/or assisting with the objectives, it’s even easier since there are only two things to do.

    1) Go for the objective.

    It seems that every TO game I’ve been in, archers just sit back and shoot away. No matter if you’re attacking or defending, you should never do this.

    If you’re objective is to push something, then you’re not helping by being 20 feet back shooting. Get in close and help those that are pushing (which relates back to protecting teammates). When you notice that no one else is pushing the objective, then go do it yourself. Your team will get a lot further by you helping to push it a few feet rather than not at all.

    2) Protect the objective.

    Just because you’re defending doesn’t mean you need to just stand in one area and shoot.

    I find that a lot of archers are shooting at enemies for the sake of shooting. You should be shooting at enemies that are at the objective. If you’re close enough to the objective, run in and kill them with your melee. There should never be a time where there is an enemy at the objective and you’re shooting at enemies expecting your teammates to take care of it.

    Archers seem to forget that they have legs which they can use for many reasons instead of just dodging arrows. Going for enemies only and not focusing on the objective will set your team back. You have no idea how many times I’ve seen the enemies come do the objective while archers are still too busy shooting people.

    Overall as an archer, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Don’t focus too much on just shooting. Make smart choices when you do shoot rather than hope to get a kill regardless of who’s near the enemy. Always worry about the objective and don’t be scared to use your melee weapons.

    Here’s a simple rule to look at:

    The more you stand in one spot, the more you hurt your team.

  • If you are a long distance away and shooting into a melee, aim for your teammate. No, really. By the time your arrow arrives your teammate will not be there anymore. I mean a LONG distance away!

    If you are close to a melee, it’s best to shoot at the edges of the battle. You can close off lanes for the enemy, keeping them in front of your teammate and preventing them from the old flank-around-the-shield maneuver.

  • I haven’t tried your first point.

    However, your second point seems fair, but that can also be a double edge sword if your teammate decides to move to the outside. I think with that, it’s a matter of a judgement call and experience.

  • In addition: Always make sure you have enough time to pull out your secondary if you’re being charged head on, meaning, it’s usually not worth it to hold onto your arrow for “one last shot” when you could have enough time to pull your dagger and get up close and take them out with a couple well timed parries along the way. Try to figure out exactly how much time you need to pull out your secondary before getting pummeled. (ie. caught with your bow out)

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