Levels and weapons unlocks disapearing (rollback ?)

  • Hi Chivalry community !

    I and a few friends have started playing Chivalry just recently and some annoying bug keeps hitting us : It seesm that the system will roll us back everytime a server crashes or leaving in the middle of a game.

    It’s annoying especially when I want to unlock some weapon, am able to do it and play with said weapon, and then I have to grind it all over again when I log back in game. This is disgustingly broken.

    It does happen often, like I said, it seems to be when I leave a game or the server crashes.

    Lovin the game BTW.

  • It is worth backing up your udkstats file or just the whole folder under my games chivalry.
    either before you exit steam or before clicking play chivalry on steam. Useful if you just ranked up or unlocked a weapon.

  • Nice sharing …!

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