Modded CTF Game Class + Map.

  • Server Online! I have managed to Mod a bit different CTF Game type and a few other Classes into what I have right now. Still waiting for full Steam Support!

    Here’s the Files needed to play On the server!
    Drop Box Info -

    Ten times Faster- Also Available on Google Drive -

    File are to be place inside of D:\SteamMain\steamapps\common\chivalrymedievalwarfare\UDKGame\CookedSDK

    The CMWSDK File goes in the Approperiate Folder _CMWSDKFiles

    Changes so far….

    1. All weapons Unlocked! No level needed!
    1a. Player Spawns Right away! No More waiting…this is CTF!
    2. No more Flag Icons…if you can’t find the guy with the flag you shouldn’t be playing CTF!
    3. All Characters Speeds has been increased (I may cut this back some…see how it goes)
    4. All Characters Jump Height has been increased (Again we’ll see how this works out)
    5. I converted the Stock Arena map to CTF.
    6. Gates on Arena are always open and remove the Volume that kill you in the bases!

    The Server is 8 players for now…I may add more. I am concetrating on smaller CTF Maps. for this server. Again we’ll see how it plays! If any Level designer feel like putting together small CTF maps…Just let me know.

    Here’s Video of the Progress.

  • What do you mean by “All weapons Unlocked!”?

  • Just what I said….I unlocked all the weapons. See in video!

  • @MG-Powers:

    Just what I said….I unlocked all the weapons. See in video!

    Yeah I had a look, maybe I’m missing something but they look like all the normal weapons. do you mean you no longer need ranks to unlock them?

  • Yes sir I guess that’s what I mean!

  • New Update…See top of Page. Hope to have some people on to help test! New Maps coming soon!

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