Memory Crash error

  • Ok so i bought this game. I run windows 7 64. My specs are more then enough to run this. I can run BF4 so I am positive I am good. Like myself there are others that have this error where the game crashes and says “error memory ran out.”

    I know what they problem is…. THE GAME IS BOOTING RUN AS 32BIT! I have tried multiple things. including uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I have gone into the game files and found the binaries for DW and tried to use the 64 bit .EXE. That exe crashes before start up.

    TB please fix this problem

  • Yeah I just noticed the game defaults to 32bit, I haven’t had any issue yet but I’d like to see it fixed nonetheless since it’s a fun game.

  • Are you running your game at highest graphics?

  • Developer

    Exactly what error are you actually getting?

    Can you post the log and dmp files from C:\Users<user>\Documents\My Games\Chivalry Deadliest Warrior\CDWGame\Logs ? How much VRAM do you have? What texture settings are you playing with?</user>

  • You might want to try this fix … ID=9240617 I was getting memory errors too but they seemed to have stopped after doing this, be sure to not skip out on the system restart.

  • Isn’t that fix for 32bit systems?

  • My only problem is that my turbo booster doesn’t activate when i’m launching deadliest warrior (i use a laptop); my configuration is (more than) ok; as a consequence i think its the game which had a problem….I can see when i’m launching other game, that the “turbo booster” is working, on chivalry:medieval warfare, the boost work, but on CDW it seems that my intel turbo boost technology (yeah with the entire name) doesn’t work. I think that the turbo booster can’t detect that cdw is launching…

    Who can help me ? It would be great !

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