Can someone explain the Attack speed?

  • I noticed that certain weapons have certain attack speeds, However, i don’t think i understand this correctly. Maybe it’s client side, but i noticed often times when fighting using the Tekko Kagi (ninja claws) i’m bested by swings that occur after the starting of my swing animation? So how is the attack speed defined, because if it’s that fastest then why is it slow to start? I noticed its quick to reset but thats it. So how is the attack speed involved in the game? Sorry for nubbing, thanks.

  • Lag? Don’t go for the hit trades either as ninja. Or any class really.

    There’s a windup which you will see there’s there’s the swing. The swing is called release.

    This game is faster paced then MW. So Its not advised to go for your swing if they are winding up. And you can usually predict before they even start an attack when they are gonna do so. Though many fail to do this and its hit trades galore.

  • attack speed isn’t the only thing that determines who’s strike will land first, it’s mostly yours and their timing.

  • Tekko Kagi windup is fast, but it’s not super disgustingly fast - all windups are locked in a relatively narrow window so that no attack is too fast to react to and no attack is so slow that it’s impossible to hit with. The biggest strength of the Tekko Kagi is how fast it can combo, like a dual wielding viking but without the longer recovery penalty of dual wield (but at the same time each individual hit does relatively low damage).

  • What SlyGoat said, basically.
    I don’t find much use of that weapons outside duels, though, due to it’s limited range.

  • Because Torn banner rather makes weapons high speed and desync than giving them more damage instead. Retard Logic.

  • Oh ok i get it, thanks! Time to change up style then. Much appreciated guys.

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