Should there be an unlock system at all?

  • Do you think that the items should be unlockable, I personally don’t. I think it’s silly, it doesn’t work and it’s pointless. What do you think?

  • Yes.

    If it worked.

  • If it worked, yes.

    It doesn’t work. It means every time my rank is “forgotten” I havta apply all my unlocked items again. It means waiting and missing the first round of lts cause your mace is locked.

    I’d be fine if it saved your customization selection, so when it does start working again you don’t have to reapply all the stuff, but until then please someone needs to find a fix.

  • Change the title of the thread. As its pretty much opposite than the title of the poll.

    Change the title to “should we have an unlock system”.

    Just to avoid all confusion. And let people change their votes just in case anyone was confused.

  • good idea, i did that.

  • unlocks are the only thing that give anyone something to do at first, i actually like working towards something but now i have nothing to work towards and i’m sad

  • I like how unlocks take you through a tour of the weapons. However, I think that games should let you choose a weapon to unlock at the time.

  • I definitely prefer something to work towards, Medieval Warfare lost just a bit of its fun as soon as I unlocked the last dagger (that was a lot of grinding with the Hunting Knife). I’m glad it’s back in Deadliest Warrior, although not particularly impressed that it’s still not working. You’d think after a year or so this would have been sorted out, and absolutely before a second game came out.

  • As the others said, I really dont mind the unlock system but as long as it works.

  • you can unlock weapons very fast so i don’t mind

  • AndreaTheArcher, thats not the issue, the issue is it forgets rank sometimes, even if only for a min, it still resets everything. :(

  • I’ve already unlocked everything except the Sam’s last spear so…

  • Yes. There should be an unlock system. But they need to address this XP desync nonsense in order for the unlock system to be enjoyable, rather than annoying.

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