GTX 780 Ti vs 780-SLI?

  • OK, so I have $700 to budget for this if I want it.
    Would you recommend a single 3GB Ti card or SLI of 2x3GB base 780s?

  • I prefer single-card solutions. Less heat/noise/wattage, and fewer potential crossfire/sli performance oddness. Generally the top-end card is by itself powerful enough.

  • I would go with single for the same reasons as Dudeface. SLI is just too buggy and most games don’t even use the second card anyway.

  • I definitly recommend a single card. SLI will give you trouble somewhere. And if no trouble, it will often just not use your second card anyway. Just my two cents though.

  • Another vote for single card as well. Less heat/power usage/noise, no risk of subjecting yourself to micro stuttering from a dual GPU setup, no need to have to wait for Nvidia to come out with SLI profiles for certain games, more VRAM in this case, etc etc.


    I’m kidding.

    Go for the single.

    Especially considering down the road, you’ll only have to lose out on one card rather than two when you upgrade, which makes it easier to swallow. As well as saving space, plus it’s always easier to figure out any problems you may encounter with one card, whether it’s related to the drivers or elsewhere.

  • OK, EVGA Superclocked 780 Ti on the way. Got $30 off on Black Friday so same price as base TI. :D

  • The 780 is a beast of a card that can run anything without trying.

    Also many games these days still have poor SLI support so don’t waste your money on two of them. Not will it grant a performance increase anyway. Its still powerful enough to max any game provided the rest of your computer is good enough. Its a bloody 780 you don’t need two of them just for gaming. And you are getting the super clocked Ti.

  • How about this Newegg TV_ GTX TITAN 4-Way SLI , I watched this on Utube added to my favs ,
    I was running 2 * gtx580’s six months back and playing Chivalry and Quake3 very nicely.
    If computers are you main hobby why not have super rigs it beats fishing =p or boring football tbh.
    oh yes I had it on Three screens most enjoyable. Just stick a custom video file settings in the right place nps.

  • Yeah that NewEgg machine is a beast! PC Gamer built one, too. The Titan is for developers though. It’s a great card for gaming too, but that’s not what it’s meant to do.

    I’m running dual monitors now. I’m getting a 4k monitor next year to put in the middle for true surround (gonna be great for flying games!). The base 780 card will run 3 monitors by itself, but at 4K? That’s why I was thinking of doing a base 780 SLI.

    I did some research and found that the Ti is completely unlocked. It uses the entire GK110 architecture! I don’t know how they’re going to come up with a GTX 790 - maybe add RAM?
    Also, the Ti finally has proper power balancing. When one channel is drawing a max load (usually the PCI channel), the Ti will draw more power from the other channels and share as needed. This sounds like something really simple but it’s been a problem for years.
    The other benefit of the Ti is DirectX 11.2 support but that’s exclusive to Windows 8.1.

  • It came yesterday. I almost kissed the UPS guy. Again.

    3840x1080p (dual monitors) at 120 hz.
    I can’t hear the fan over the case fans (a first for me)

    EVGA benchmark gives 1843 FPS
    140-170 FPS in BF4 on Ultra Graphics.
    Levolutions drop it to 90 for a half-second.

    If you have the means, I highly recommend!
    : D

  • Nicely done idd :) , grumbles I must build yet another rig next year as jan is the worst month.

  • So jelly.
    Can’t really afford to upgrade my rig, but the i7 2600k + Radeon 6950 combo is holding out ok for now. I figure I can wait a while and see if Mantle looks like it’ll ever get anywhere before choosing my next GPU.

  • 2600k ? The only upgrade ever needed is a video card. My rigs are 775 socket , not sure about that Haswell 1150 socket.
    but I noted a m/b that can hold 22 sata drives coming out soon. Imagine 12 TB of chivalry stuff on a super system :)

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