Being good is a hack

  • I don’t know where the latest sale was, but it attracted the kind of player who kicks people on public servers for being “too good” and “too high level”. Apparently being good is a hack.
    Nice crop of noobs these days.

  • Chivalry went mainstream. Kingdoms Rise is where is at now Bill!

  • Man, Kingdom’s Rise is so mainstream, I know about this dwarf game that’s way more underground… 8-)

  • @OP Welcome to these days gaming generation lol

  • @Oy:

    Man, Kingdom’s Rise is so mainstream, I know about this dwarf game that’s way more underground… 8-)

    You may not tell people about the fortress.

  • I get what you mean. Lately I’m getting kicked from duel servers a lot because a rank 7 guy can’t win from me(rank 35). I specifically played easy and only used 1 simple attack, but won anyway and so he votekicks me. This new player has probably never before in his life played a game that actually required some skill and so he figured this would be the best way to win the match.

    The thing that bothers me the most is that the kick succeeds even though I’m not nearly as high-ranked as some other veterans on the server. Why are people voting yes? WTH did I do?

    Also happens on the classic duel(FFA) servers where 1 guy is constantly kicking those that kill him(even though he accepted a duel). First he kicks a random innocent guy so I vote no and say “don’t kick without reason”. Next time I kill the kicker and the votekick’s on me. Guess what? I protected the previous player who was about to be kicked and great, now people are voting yes 80-20%. Again, WTH? Why are you idiots even feeding this noob by letting him believe votekicking IS the answer.

    I’m still figuring out who the idiot is who even tells these noobs how to votekick when they ask to know how.

  • Yet another thread about getting votekicked. Yes, we get it. You got votekicked because you’re the best but there is nothing we can do about this.

  • You got trolled m8t

  • Actually, Rumpel, they votekicked 5 other “hacking no-life high-levels” before they kicked me, so I was only 6th best.


    You are allowed to votekick people if you think they are hacking apparently.

  • @lemonater47:

    You are allowed to votekick people if you think they are hacking apparently.

    On official servers yes, but i dont know a official old duel server… The funny thing is, that abusing the votekick system isnt a valid reason to votekick someone… and some people think dragging is exploiting. And the 3rd Axe from the knight is like using a speedhack.

    People will kick you if they dont know the weapons or attacks becaus they think you’re hacking… Its a bit like hatting feints and get angry with them for no reason :/

  • Exactly. And that is votekick abuse. Torn banner or whoever made the official rules doesn’t think so. They obviously haven’t had a vote against them with the reason “hacking”. It happens for some people on a daily basis. And they aren’t hacking.

    Yet for some reason they are getting kicked under reasonable grounds.

    Then again. I’ve seen someone impersonate an admin right in front of one of their moderators. No punishment. Turned. Out after I went to his steam profile as saw a bunch of names 2 of which were interesting. One name was the name he was going by was the name used to for votekick abuse votekicking anyone who joined the official server and the other name was his regular steam name. I’m admin on the 27 GON chivalry servers/the servers 90% of people play on in AU/NZ so a big bunch of threats and the fact he didn’t know I could see who he is even though his account is private scared him into being good.

    Anyway they are too lenient. People are just gonna treat them as a joke and continue making official servers even more un-enjoyable than they already are. I mean I though I was lenient compared to what I’m supposed to do. But the official moderators are too nice. Super Nice people can’t be moderators. It just doesn’t work.

    Also a better report system instead of email Kimiko would probably be better. And don’t say you don’t have enough moderators torn banner you do. You have like 15. And there are other suitable candidates out there.

    But yeah. People complain about anyone who beats them. No one hacks. At least in MW they use words. In DW they just beat the crap out of each other. A player is better than you? Change teams and teamkill him. A player thinks its hog the Banner instead of plant the banner. Everyone beats the crap out of the banner bearer. No one thinks to tell the guy. Then votekicks start flying and as admin you just saw ten fucking people do it. You can’t punish all of them you don’t know know who it was.

    This community is horrible. At least in AU/NZ everyone usually votes no with reasonless votekicks or cries of hacks. But any plausible reason given will get a bunch of yesses. Even if its false.

  • I was accused of using an “auto-parry” hack today. -__-

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