[Released] HolyPlace

  • Hey guys,

    i want to present you my first map so far, called holy place.

    It is a place where the rich and mighty people and knights from the surrounding
    castles and villages came to pray and celebrate… or it was, till one day an unknown
    enemy started to attack their land.

    More screens and the download are available in the workshop.


    I started mapping with the UDK 4 days ago, after watching tutorials a whole day and
    became addicted really fast. :D

    About 10 years ago i gathered some experience with the Elder Scrolls Creation Kit,
    at that time for Morrowind… but sadly i could’nt remember that much. :?

    This map took about 20-25 hours to build and should be finished and polished as best
    as i can. (Lot of learning and testing included ;) )

    If you see any bugs or flying mesh´s, let me know it.


    Full mapnames: AOCLTS-HolyPlace_p , AOCFFA-Holyplace_p

  • It looks great, I like the colors. I hope you plan to support other game modes! Hopefully I will have some time to test it soon.

    Also, that you mention it my modding journey started with Morrowind too, good old times! Damn I feel old. :|

  • The map looks pretty great on the screens.

    Support for other modes would be great though.

  • Ive added FFA mode… TD mode is maybe coming one day.
    Still have to learn a few thing untill i´m able to do that. :D

  • Looking nice!

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