Why does this game attract people with bad connections?

  • Most people in this game have high pings, it’s ruining the game for me and many others with low ping.

    I wonder why it attracts people with poor internet connections.

    The animations aren’t all that, combine this with lag and it’s messed up.

  • the servers are prison food quality

    couple that with people struggling to find populated servers, or people who intentionally seek high ping for advantages, and you have a game that needs auto ping kicking

    unfortunately, if that were implemented, much of the player base would suffer, as ping spikes are so common in-game

    so it won’t be implemented. because the servers are prison food quality.

  • I can’t speak for America and other areas, but in UK the servers are excellent and very good quality.

    Nearly everyone has a ping of 15-70 and doesnt go above 100. Only twice the server spiked but quickly went down again.

    I honestly think people like to bash the servers because it’s the “cool” thing to do. The DW servers are bliss compared to MW servers.

  • don’t say you can’t speak for america, then close your passage with that sort of statement.

    let me revise: the servers IN MY AREA OF THE WORLD are legitimately prison food quality, and are nowhere near as good as those in mw. i guess the UK and america got the inverse this time.

  • There are plenty of places in America that don’t have a good connection to servers. I get nice pings to the Central Servers, 70-90 to East but generally over 120+ to West Coast
    Many times the only populated servers aren’t in your area, so you have to go somewhere else to play.

    I don’t think you can use the UK as a good example for servers - the entire country is smaller than Michigan. Hell I bet even the Welsh get good pings to your server.

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