User's Weekly Poll: Deadliest Chair Warrior?

  • Hey guys! This week, and after a week of play post CDW launch I wanted to know how you all like it over-all! Did you enjoy it? Do you think that you would be playing it more? Only? Or would you rather go back to playing CMW?

    Discuss :D

  • Add an option for none of both :D

  • there you go. D:<

  • I voted for: ‘Enjoying myself so much, I have stopped playing CMW’.

    I still think CMW is the superior long term game and I think that TBS would be making a grave mistake to pour all effort and resources into refining DW further.

    The reason for that is…

    It’s a fun game yet it’s pretty much an arcade game. There’s no competitive nature to it and not enough incentive for organised team play save for huddling up as a group to destroy other teams…

    CMW at the moment is riddled with imbalance in duel mode which means that it is not a fun thing to do. I still want to play duel mode. I mean I have 10000 standard duels and several hundred old duel duels. However, I think that 2 handed knights are currently the most mechanic abusing class in the game for duels at the moment and cheapen down the gameplay enough to irritate me.

    DW is just more fun than CMW at the moment until another balance patch is implemented into CMW which may or may not be ‘never’.

  • Atm, DW is so different from CMW, and I love it. The speed and precision you’re rewarded for in some fights is just so amusing!
    Playing Ninja vs Ninja against a really good player is among the most fun you can have in any game.

    Although, it is my opinion that MW is the better game, with better maps and such, I can’t see myself coming back to it in a while for anything but the custom maps.

  • DW is very good imo, I jumped in for a day of fun a few weeks ago after purchasing early. Although I only played Knight it was enjoyable fighting those
    soft spartans =p. Some pirate gave me the blackspot aye jim.

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