LAN server for Deadliest Warrior

  • Hello,

    I used to run a private server for my son and I for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare following the instructions on this website but cant sort out how to do so for Deadliest Warrior.
    The instructions for Chivalry were along the lines of ; Create desktop shortcut to UDK Logging, enter maplist in the command line etc.

    Id like to fight bots with my son quietly on our own server. If anyone has instructions on how to setup a private server for Deadliest Warrior they’d be appreciated.

    P.s. The Steam Dedicated Server files under the tools section on Steam, do not work for me.
    I recieve the following error: “Failed to Start Game (Invalid App Config)”
    I didnt have to use the dedicated server files on Steam to run a Chivalry Server (as stated above) before.

    If any further information / clarification is required, it can be provided.

    Thank you in advance for any replies.

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