DW - Last team standing - punish team waiting it out

  • MW LTS is more enjoyable and sensible than DW LTS. With MW, there are only two teams, so killing an enemy increases your team’s chance of winning. With DW, all too often I see a team waiting the game out, not killing a single foe (or very few) and win the game because they have more warriors left. It tends to result in strategies that have teams hiding in corners of the battlefield for the duration of the game.

    This detracts from how enjoyable the game is - instead of trying to flank / ambush / wedge opponent teams, the tactic is just to run and hide in the corner. Just about every game I play someone says “Let’s just wait here and let them fight it out”. This is because, as a team, we are not really fighting over any type of resource other than to survive. In other game modes there is a resource we are fighting over (such as a flag), but in other game modes you just re-spawn when killed. So, there is a gap.

    I was wondering if other people had similar opinions about DW LTS, or if I am off-piste. I realise that this would be quite a big change, so unlikely to happen, but some ideas that I have that might improve this game type for DW: -

    • There are resources (such as weapons) on the battlefield that are worth fighting over that give a significant end-game advantage.
    • A team is awarded points for kills, not just surviving so the winner is the surviving team that has the most points (kills + survivors adjusted by some ratio).
    • Each kill results in a power-up for that player, so teams that huddle in the corner are comparatively weak in the end-game. This is a big change and I can imagine all sorts of bugs, but might be workable if done right.

    Anyway, I would be interested to hear what other people think.

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