Knights VS Spartans

  • This needs a fix, Knights are the only class that cannot go a little foward while kicking!
    Makes a fight between spartan not balanced at all when it comes to dueling because all they need to do is go backward while blocking! It’s the same with any other shield user, but since spartan always have a shield, I think it’s not balanced if u can’t kick right! Knights totally stop moving to perform a kick, wich is totally ineffective!

  • Only with some weapons this still happens.

    TB just needs to test the kick with each weapon to figure out which ones.

  • Well, I mostly played the sword only for unlocks since I’m not a fan of the knights, still I though that needed a fix!

  • It’s true! The kick animation just stops your character sometimes with certain class/weapon combos. I have this problem with the dory all the time. If this gets fixed on the programming side then it will not be an issue anymore. Still, I feel you bro.

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