Nodachi vs naginata

  • I compared the two weapons and naginata is in every way better than nodachi, I see it as a balance issue. Naginata has every stat better than nodachis, it’s longer, faster, and does more dmg. The only reason you would use nodachi over it is for drags but those are punished with new tracers. Also even if you do pick it for drags it still does not make up for it, maybe if it did more dmg or had more reach over naginata then yes.
    I don’t see a reason to pick nodachi over naginata. You can drag with naginata alright too and don’t even say that nodachi got draw slash, that mechanic is just not that good. It’s easy to block and it does not do enough dmg.

  • Nodachi should probably be sped up because its release is longer than the parry time. Apart from that you’re probably right.

    ! A Weapon Spreadheet would be super great right now.

  • Yeah, I noticed this today as well. Naginata also comes with a much better pierce damage stab for other samurai damage.

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