CDW Servers Not Appearing/All Empty

  • All the servers in the server list are empty! - For Deadliest Warrior, for regular Chivalry the servers work fine and they are all populated.

    I’ve been trying to play Deadliest Warrior for two days now and all the servers are empty and I can’t connect to other friends playing CDW.

    I visit the DLC page and it prompts me to buy, I’ve already purchased the DLC.

    I’ve reinstalled the game 2-3 times, I’ve downloaded the BETA I’ve opted out of the beta things recommended in other posts.

    I’ve tried the extended server browser java program (didn’t launch, have latest java version)

    Wondering why my server list is showing all servers empty, I have no problem joining servers, but they are completely empty.

    Any help, remarks, would be fantastic.

  • My guess is that steam downloaded the beta for you, which has ended. I bought DW today. If i try to run it from the CMW beta it takes me to a page saying the beta has ended. If i run it from CMW, it says BUY NOW, like i dont own it already.

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