TB kick infuscomus and shwedor teamkiller please

  • Hi TB team,

    such a few days many of us have trouble with those two characters



    They are teamkillers. Joining battles they attack all teammates, then changing site and going on with their attacks on friendlies.

    They score is often -750 and more. Check their status please.

    Please do something with votekick, these two are destroying teamplay and fun. If this is going on i do not play DW until votekick is functioning. Its so frustrating.

    Please help us.

    I want to play, and sure i make teamkills but its an accident and i do excuse myself.

  • While its not a 100% solution, cant you votekick with console?

    votekick INFU / Sh
    confirm 0 (assuming the string is their name)

    let the votes roll in.

  • No,

    you cant votekick, only administrators can do but when no admin is there teamkilling is going on

    I tried votekick on console but i do not understand confirm x

    Sy can you please explain i do not understand your way how to kick. Its not my native language.


  • AFAIK, if the name you put after the votekick command matches more than 1 player, it will list them and ask you to confirm which one you want to kick.
    So if there there two players, Bob and Bobette, and you gave the command “votekick bob” it would say
    Blah blah please confirm this:
    [0] Bob
    [1] Bobette

    Since you wanted to kick Bob, and not Bobette who is a nice person, you would then type “confirm 0” in the console. After doing that, the votekick is initiated.

    It still asks you to confirm even when it matches only 1 name, so you always have to at least type “confirm 0” (or some other number, in the rare event that you match multiple names.)

  • Sounds like a bad server more than anything. I avoid servers who block votekicks to admins like the plague, you should too.

  • Also tapping the up and down arrow keys cycles through last executed commands in the console. ANd they are saved even if you quit the game. Useful if you don’t like typing things out over and over.

  • Thanks guys,

    i will give it a try but if it doent work, i will avoid servers. But those guys are switching servers too. I am so frustrated.

    I want to have fun even if i am being killed 1000 times doesnt matter but those guys are looking only for teamkill, not only me they attack the whole team.

    But thank you for your help guys.


  • Thanks dudeface,

    this really helps me. Now i understand how to kick such persons.


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