Server periodically drops all players

  • Hey guys, I have an odd issue. After anywhere from 30 seconds to ten minutes, all players on my server stop receiving updates and eventually drop. It happens the same way every time- no immediate drop message, just no hits registering and no data sent updating player locations/stamina/health etc. Whether it’s one person on the lan (me) or 8 people over WAN, everyone experiences the issue at exactly the same time. Reconnecting works and once again we can play from 1-10 minutes before it occurs again.

    This happens on both my CMW and CDW servers. I’ve opened all the ports for UDP+TCP, even adding the server to my DMZ for a while. Nothing seems to help. Anyone have any ideas? Are there some configuration settings I could play around with that may be related?

    The server is a Windows 7 VM (KVM) and is allocated two cores and 4gb ram. The network drivers are Red Hat VirtIO Ethernet on an Intel 82579V Gigabit Ethernet Controller.

  • What error message to players get? I’ve seen a similat issue where everyone drops from a server with a ‘connection to the host has been lost’ type message.
    We’ve also not go to the root cause of it - it usually happens on map change (no spsecific map) so trying to work out if it’s the same issue.

    Is there anything in the event viewer at the time the server drops out?

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