Why are kick animations so bad

  • And why can’t you jump kick? Back pedaling with shield is so much more OP, especially against slow classes.

    It’s like the kick animations are from beta MW.

  • bc ppl would complain and quit the game if u kicked them a lot

  • @magilla:

    bc ppl would complain and quit the game if u kicked them a lot

    Because that’s what happens in MW amirite

  • While I don’t agree that back peddling is “OP”. I do agree that the animations need work. I also run into the issue where after a kick like 35% of the time you get stuck in place. Further diminishing the effectiveness of kicking. Also, as a tip feinting into a kick or kicking in close quarters after a parry is still very effective (if it doesn’t glue you to the ground).

    Quick edit: This also happens from time to time after blocking a Pole-arm/spear.

  • I personally think it is too easy to kick shields down. Especially as a viking with a shield, I just waltz on up and hit f and most of the time it looks like I’m winding up a LMB then suddenly I have free swings. The problems being 1. I get glued to the floor as you all have mentioned. 2. (Talking vs spartan here) Once you get your free swing in it is nearly impossible to combo on a competent blocker.

  • Yeah I find kicking more effective in this game than in MW. Though do knight kicks still lock you to the ground? When I play knight I usually use a shield myself and I know kicking with shields work properly. Just for that crusader look you know.

  • I dunno man, I see my kicks go right through enemies all the time because of their back pedaling or side stepping or just really bad everything associated with kicks in this game. I’ve literally seen it go right through a spartan sitting in a corner turtling by multiple team mates. Maybe the servers I play on are just laggy.

  • Kicks in this game seem weak to me, as well.

  • Don’t necessarily agree with jump kicks getting taken out, but I can see the logic behind it. I still think all these movement bugs around kicking just make it clumsy to use. It needs to be more fluid like strikes are, and perhaps the Samurai and Ninja should have a different animation set like their punches (a roundhouse maybe?). But mainly just make it more fluid to use by taking out the bugginess that makes it clumsy-feeling.

  • fucking button doesn’t even do anything 50% of the time even when i’m pressing it 8-10 times in a row. Just a .05 second delay/stutter with no kick… infuriating and new, when it finally did work, I kicked straight through a person without it registering… then I rage quit… because why would I bother playing this shit?

    (ping was 40, and I was in duel mode… Literally 8-10 times…)

  • You can’t kick in recovery, nor directly after a parry.
    That’s what always gets me anyway, since there’s no indication of whenever it’s possible to kick or not. Yes, it can be frustrating when you die because of that, but I don’t think the mechanic is broken, Nihilum. You just need to calm down or something.

  • Kick should be just as easy to “preload” in recovery as strikes are, this is what I mean by the kick mechanic being clunky.

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