New Bug: Viking shield

  • Most of the time now for some reason when I throw the viking shield and switch to dual weapons (swords only so far), If i pick up a shield again it is on my back but i cant switch to i when i go one-handed.

    Has anyone else got this?

  • Yes, it’s bugged. I had that problem yesterday.

  • I’ve experienced that bug, but it only applied to the secondary weapon.

  • Pushing 3 gets your shield back.

    There’s another strange bug that can make you T-Pose. I haven’t been able to replicate it but I’ve done it accidentally twice. It involves picking up your shield and changing weapons or something.

  • Been having that and all kinds of other issues with viking weapons. weapons fly at random directions, viking hammer skegox no clip on target a large percentage when thrown, number keys to change between weapons is random at times switch between weapons can become locked even though picked up primary secondary and sheild. 2 Hannded weapon slash no clip at close range large percentage of time animations broken hit boxes have major issues cross hair very inaccurate. list goes on and on……and on…

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