Historical references of castles for level design.

  • I found a few websites that have great reverences of actual historical locations of real medieval castles, monasteries, cathedrals and many other buildings. This site has both English and French historical sites. They include floor plans and many pictures. It is not the prettiest site but once you start surfing though it, it is quite extensive then when you see one that sparks your interest, google that site for more info.


    I already found a great idea for a drawbridge and pit system for a map. Also considering making some maps based on historical battles. But that is further down my priority list.

  • Hey thanks for this link mate! Quite a lot of details in there from what i’ve clicked on so far. After browsing this site, I went on my own search for coastal castles/forts and came across this: http://www.britainexpress.com/attraction-map.htm?Country=England&Attraction=Castle
    'Tis a map of castles in England. Might go quite well with the link you’ve showed us as well. Thanks again and good luck.

  • Cool! I know there are even more cool medieval castles in Germany, Italy and many in the Slavic countries. I just haven’t looked that far yet. Here is another great source….

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