Able to rank up in duel mode?

  • idk…… doesn’t seem to be working if you can, or are suppose to be able to.

  • I can confirm that it does save your stats.

    There is still a delay in getting your experience present in some gamemodes for some reason. TD for example, updates instantly for me.

  • It will deliver the XP if you join a TDM match afterwards and play that for a while. But playing Duel only I’ve recieved 0xp, thats for some 2000 kills…

    Kinda annoyed that I’m forced to go play TDM just to farm unlocks. Besides, what’s the point of levels if they don’t portray the experience of the player.

    I was lvl 30 ninja in Beta, I’m lvl 10 now and I’d probably be lvl 30 by now as well you’d actually get the XP. Not to mention that this game doesnt factor in levels from the previous game.

    I guess it’s a fun surprise for people when a low level comes in and beats them to pulp :P

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