Weapon unlock

  • admittedly, this may be premature as the next game I play… who knows. But after unlocking a weapon on the knight and playing a few games to unlock another, i logged off. Logged back in and lo and behold my unlock didnt save.
    I play on official servers. Always over 5 people. I’m right handed and like to play guitar and kickass video games in my spare time. If any more info is needed, let me know.

  • This bug has been explained hundreds of times to other people. Just search for “Unlock bug”.

  • Aye.
    I thought i read a recent patch note saying this has just been fixed.

  • i’m stuck at rank 5 with just 2 or 3 weapons unlocked. no matter how many frags i score - as soon as the match is over - i’m back to rank 5 and weapons i just unlocked are gone. it’s the same no matter what server i play on. it’s pretty frustrating. i’m done playing till it’s fixed.

    i bought the game a few days ago. i don’t have the deadliest warrior dlc

  • Same proeblem here with my Knight, but I have all guns for Vanguard, veterans helmet too and I never played with that calss, that is insane :)

    I bough ti few days ago too thru steam.

  • any plan for fixing this, its really sad :(

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