Game crashes on server join

  • I can’t play the game at all, I tried to verify anything in the big list of fixes, but nothing works.

    The game crashes on server join, if i switch to 800x600 resolution i get to select warrior, but when i attempt to join the game i get a CDW.exe stopped working error. If i switch to higher resolution i don’t even reach the character select screen, the game crashes on the loading screen with a not enough video memory error.

    The thing is I can play Chivalry Medieval Warrior just fine, so i’m confident that its not really about my specs, and I should be able to play with minimal graphics.

    I’ve attached the DxDiag and lauch log files.

    Please help, I wanna play this game.

  • Can you try renaming the config folder in the my documents/my games are and then reverifying the game cache so that you download a clean copy of the configs. If something like an unsupported resolution has crept into your configs, it will cause the game to crash.

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