Server doesn't extract Workshop files

  • Hi everyone,
    recently I set up my server again on my Linux vserver running with CentOS distro virtualized with kvm. If I am trying to load a custom map by putting it in the Maplist located in PCServer-UDKGame.ini or by starting the server with needed map parameter the server won’t find the map because the workshop files haven’t even been extracted in /UDKGame/CookedSDK/ … :(
    I start the server with the most recent version of wine (actually it’s 1.6.1) and also I download the content from workshop with the given WorkshopServerTool.exe (uploaded it to the server from my game directory) located in /Binaries/Win32/ and also executed it with wine. The files are downloaded correctly to the __CMWSDKFiles directory in /UDKGame/CookedSDK/ but are not extracted by the server and I just don’t know why :/
    Does someone have an idea why it doesn’t work anymore?

    Thank you anyway

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