Weapon unlocks still not working

  • I’m sorry if there are a lot of other posts like this, but I have played like five rounds on official servers, and none of my kills contributed to the weapon unlocks. I thought they fixed this? Or are they still working on it?

  • I would bet money they’re going to fix this in the next patch. And the one after that. And they might be able to squeeze a fix in the patch after those two too. ;)

  • i first started reporting this in the early days of beta. they have never acknowledged the problem let alone said they are working on it. not optimistic they are capable of fixing it at this point.

  • They haven’t fixed it for over a year.

    They might miraculously fix it at one point.

    Though its still the most reliable it has been.

    And you do need to have at least 6 people on a server for stats to count.

  • Works fine for me, it just delays the experience sometimes.

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