Unique mechanism to bows

  • Bows in the game are currently working with five different phases:
    Idle/active > Reload > Draw > Hold > Release/Recovery

    Basically, you have to reload for each time, then draw the string before you can fire.
    Now, what if a unique mechanism was added with bow, that allows them to take more advantage of their mobility by making it so that, if you reload but by any circumstances where to cancel because you felt like your position would be over run, or that you just evaded a fatal shot from another Archer, you could cancel the draw, but keep the arrow in place right next to the bow, so that once you would try to fire again, the phase would go like: Idle/Active(with arrow ready) > Draw > Hold > Release/Recovery.

    Though this should be canceled out if you were to reload, but then change out with your secondary.

    What are your thoughts and opinions about that?

    I’ll would bring up the values on shortbow for an example. these are as following below:
    Reload: 1.1
    Draw: 0.9
    Hold: (Can be held for ten seconds)
    Release: 0.333
    Recovery: 0.7

  • In order for this to work although, reload time has to be slightly decreased, while draw would need to be increased.

  • That would be pretty cool. Though I think people want archers To be nerfed more than being buffed.

    Though its hardly a buff anyway.

  • I still want to be able to stab people with my arrow :l

  • Really cool idea

  • I love the idea. Can’t tell you how many times I get caught with my pants down so to speak and get killed because I’m trying to cancel my shot to run away.

  • Bows reload?

  • @NoVaLombardia:

    Bows reload?

    They go through Reload + Draw phase each time you go from Idle to Shooting.
    Reload part is where the Archer pulls out an arrow from their quiver and put it right next to their bow, Draw is when they of course pull the arrow along with the bow string.

    Now the idea here is to add some sort of mechanism so that you would only need to reload once, if you were by any circumstances to cancel out while you held the arrow for many various situations, and then if you wanted to go from Idle to Shooting, you would only need to go through Draw phase on the Bow.

    This should of course be canceled out upon weapon swap, so it doesn’t copy-cat the Crossbow reload feature.

  • Good idea but it would fuck with the balance if done wrong

  • you guys know you just have to hit the zoom button after you have missed the zoom in window and it will unstring your arrow right?
    this is basically what you are talking about.

    just hit zoom in the middle of drawing it and it unstrings your arrow, i always hated this as we should be able to zoom in at any point of loading an arrow but this may help you guys out. :)

  • A good idea for the archers. But please make their melee less effective first. It’s rediculous. A knight with a big maul? Mwahaha no problem! An archer with a tiny dagger? I nearly crap my chainmail.

  • @Peter. There’s a reason why you have a secondary. If I play knight and use the maul and thengo up against any archer with a butterknife 'd rather switch over to my broad/norse than keep using the maul.

  • @Xylvion:

    @Peter. There’s a reason why you have a secondary. If I play knight and use the maul and thengo up against any archer with a butterknife 'd rather switch over to my broad/norse than keep using the maul.

    Exactly. As a vanguard though, I’d advise either the sabre or waraxe for your secondary. Alternatively you can just smack them over the head with a nice dragged or lookdown overhead from your greatsword.

  • Any increased effectiveness of a side arm does not diminish what Peter von P is saying. General rule of thumb is that the longer a weapon is the greater your ‘attacking power’/superiority of your position is.

    Go outside and take a 10cm stick, now give your sister a yard stick and you’ll see what i mean.

    In IRL any of the van guards weapons would make you shit your pants and run if you were armed only with a pocket knife.

  • and again, you don’t block, if you’d block a maul with another maul your wrists would probably break as well. I don’t see the logic in this. You actually perform a parry, not a block, heck you could parry a maul with your hands, just push it to the side at the right time and the right angle and it would change course and miss you.

  • You’d be hard pressed to change the course of a swinging maul, but then it depends how close you are and what stage the maul is in its windup/swing, so i’ve never really cared that archers can block a maul with a dagger. A computer game can’t model every scenario and hey the archer looses a tonne of stamina.

  • A parry is a parry.

    Though parrying with your hands can go wrong easily. I’d rather have a pencil just to be safe. Parrying swords with your fists lol.

    What if fists could parry?

    Most OP weapon ever lol.

  • they should be able to parry, at least the knights should be able to with minimal damage and stam loss, they have on iron and chainmail gloves for christ sakes.

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