Are you a Biscuit Dipper

  • Do you dunk your biscuits in Tea , Coffee or Hot milk even, infact any drink.
    Are you a skilled biscuit dipper? Can you dunk your biscuit without losing any in your hot drink, or not spilling tea over your self which drips of your biscuit once dipped?

    I ask Kimiko if she is a dunker of biccys, off course I would say yes would you?
    will she reveal her biscuit ways.

    British scientists approve of 3 to 4 dips for most types of biscuits, according to a 1998 study at the University of Bristol

    some cafes actually banned biscuit dipping how strange.
    I bet the Dev team are 50/50 biscuit dippers. Dare you go to 6 dips! yes only the 133t can get away with
    such a risky venture.

    A master dunker is a truly skilled warrior of respect, never losing a biscuit in years. :o

  • define biscuit

  • I dip biscuits with what can only be described as wild abandon.

  • I dip my biscuits in cold milk or hot Coffee. Milk preferred though! I hate it when I dip too long and biscuit falls into the cup. Also where I am from a biscuit is Known as a Cookie!

    Here in Merica…a Biscuit gets dipped in gravy or even sometimes used to sop up the Yellow of an egg! You might put a little butter on your biscuit here and Sometimes a Biscuit is used to make an egg sausage and cheese sandwich. To be honest…I am not much of a fan of what we call a biscuit. For breakfast I prefer English Muffins or Bagels!

    One thing I can say …is the best cookie…Or (biscuit as you may call it) Is the Oreo! Its is known as Milks favorite cookie!

  • Would you let your g/f or best friend dip a biscuit in your tea? who do you trust more ;)
    not sure about that Oreo cookie 9untried as yet) but Coconut cookies are hard to beat dipped in milk.
    utopia :)

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