Javelineer vulnerability extended.

  • There is basically three roles that each archer weapon is best at. At defence it would be fair to say that Crossbows has the opportunity to perform more sniped shots with high accuracy and damage, thus meaning they can be at a distance. Bows are pretty much overall good for both defence and attack, as they have decent mobility, accuracy, firerate and damage, so they can pretty much play well as both defence and attack, though what is essentionally best for pure offense, that would be the Javelineer, due to the fact that it is a class that is better off as a meleer that moves along with the team that uses their javelins to shotgun / throw at mid-distance versus other opponents, and lets not leave out the most important detail about Javelineers, they are Anti-Archers at the best, due to the fact that they have a Shield for protection against projectile weapons, they have high mobility, high firerate and high damage. Only disadvantage it may have is that it has a low amount of ammunition and a very low accuracy, so you basically need to be from up close to mid distance to be in perfect position.

    All each three roles are well balanced, though I wish to inform that with Javelineer, there are a couple of phases it has to go through, first of all its a hybrid weapon that can swap between Melee or Ranged faster than any other weapon, here are the phases it goes through as ranged with a Short Spear:

    • **Equip up 0.35 (Short spear melee and short spear ranged are two different weapons, so you have to equip it by pressing LMB ‘default key’ of course
    • Wind up 0.5
    • Release 0.2
    • Reload 0.5
    • <instantly swaps="" back="" to="" short="" spear="" melee=""></instantly>
      A Bow and Crossbow may find it very hard to face a Javelineer from close to mid distance because they can both pressure you with their devestating throwables, and aswell keep their shield for protection.
      Only way a Bow Archer or Crossbowman may catch a Javelineer off guard, would be if shots are made underneath the shield, or shot whilst not holding the shield up. BUT, if Javelineer goes into throw position, it is going to be very hard to get to them since their shield will pretty much cover up half of their body again, BUT, there is something magical that happens as they throw their javelin. The 0.2 release phase makes the javelineer of course throw their weapon, but it also makes their shield move away to the side, leaving them open for a shot, too bad that window only lasts for 0.2 seconds, but it could be a balancing way to increase that window slightly more so that as a Bow or Crossbow, you can defeat a javelineer if you know their weak point.

    You can do this right now, but its very hard and very risky, increase the window and it will still be risky, but actually possible!**

  • Another thing I wish to bring up in this thread is about the infamous Javelin Flinch which is pretty much a killer for Javelineers, I’ll explain a bit closely why. If a Javelineer were to be flinched while they are in their reload phase, they will both suffer a flinch and then the reload time will continue, leaving them vulerable for a longer amount of time, long enough for a attacker to land in a combo-strike and most likely end the Javelineer.

    That’s what the infamous Javelin Flinch is all about, but in order to take advantage of this Javelin Flinch, you have to be close to the Javelineer and punish them for either missing their shotgun attempt, ambush them or trade.

    So this Javelin Flinch, is sorta both good and bad at the same time. Cause if you were caught off guard in the same manner with Crossbow and Bow, so it could be fair.

    What are your opinion about the flinch folks?

  • It’s pretty easy to shoot past the shield once the throw is being aimed (pretty sure this part covers the windup as well + any extra time it takes for the javelineer to aim).

    I don’t agree with javelineers being good at counter-archering at all. Unless you’re facing an armada of archers, you’ll be running short spears since they’re the best of the bunch, which means you need either a HS or two hits to take down an archer. The projectile is very slow, and any decent archer will simply dodge it at medium ranges. Once you’re up close, you might as well be a maa/vang and just beat the crap out of the archer.

    What javelineers absolutely excel at however is killing vanguards and (slightly less due to their faster speed and general slipperiness) MAA. They can make the life of those two classes a living hell, particularly vanguards since they are slow and don’t have any kind of defense against archers. On top of that, vanguards usually have longer weapons and stay slightly further away from your teammates, poking at them from the distance thus reducing the chance of friendly fire when you throw things at them.

  • Bows have a fairly slow mobility, as does crossbow while aiming, so up close they are basically forced to go melee against you since its too dangerous to try to aim at you whilst they have their mobility severly reduced, while you have almost full. Short spear either kills the archer or leave them one daze kick away from death, but obviously you would like to pick regular javelin to counter archers.

    Close in the distance, and the archer has no chance other than to go melee, and then you essentionally weaken him due to the fact that you pressure him with a close ranged shotgunning class.

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