There is no WorkshopServerTool.exe in \chivalry_ded_server

  • Just so you devs know, since it says “the tool is distributed with both” in here.
    I haven’t figured out how to add custom maps to my server, but I think this is making it more difficult…

  • On my linux system I uploaded this .exe file to the /Binaries/Win32/ directory and executed it with wine, it works well and it even downloads the files correctly to the /UDKGame/CookedSDK/__CMWSDKFiles/ but in my case the problem is that the server doesn’t extract the files though :(

    *edit: Btw you have to upload this file from your game directory located in your steamapps folder to the given directory on your server. The Downloadlist has to be put into the __CMWSDKFiles (the path given in the faq isn’t correct anymore) and has a format like this:
    It is important that the /CookedSDK/__CMWSDKFiles/ directories have to be created manually because they usually don’t exist.

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