[IN PROGRESS] TO map - Time Travel !

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    Alert! Feydrid discovered the formula for a potion that allows travel in the past! He protects, it should not fall into the wrong hands.

    Malric to learn information and wants to use it to return to the pass and correct errors to access the throne!

    But it does not go as planned. Missing ingredient in the formula, Malric suddenly finds himself in the future, not the past!

    What it become? Agatha must protect the potion, Mason think they should drink the potion to join Malric in the past.

    Agatha knows that potion refers to the future, not Mason. You must protect the potion, if Mason drink the potion, You will be asked to drink also to join and kill Malric in the future and kill him!

    I started this map there a few days, for now this is a prototype, it gives an idea of what it could look like.

    There are two objectives:

    • Mason:

    1 / Burn the barn - drink the potion
    2 / Defend Malric in the future

    • Agatha:
      1 / Defend the barn - drink the potion if Mason drink it.
      2 / Kill Malric

    Spawn Mason

    Spawn Mason

    Spawn Agatha

    Spawn Agatha

    In the future

    Basic video demonstration : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTMZsmt8WPg

    Voilà, there is still a lot of work, but I promise fun and interractions!

    If you have any ideas do not hesitate to tell me !

    PS: To create the future, I use free static mesh found on the net ;)

    _You can test this map on the server: [FR] Morte couille ! Custom map

    Its not on the workshop (later), you need to download the map here : www.morte-couille.fr/upload/Download/AOCSDKLevels_D8CDC8BA484D8E08C6D2248741E36908.cmwsdk

    Put in chivalry/UDKgame/CookedSDK/_CMWSDKFiles and type “open AOCTO-visiteur” in console or go to my server and do a votemap

    Update 01/12/2013 :

    • Added a objectif: open a door

    • Alot of changes decorations and adjusting the map.

    There are still problems of objectif name etc…, work is moving very fast it will soon be on the workshop but in the meantime you can always tested on my server (updated).

    Some screens :

  • brb let me get my magnifying glass out…

    haha just kidding brah, it looks very cool. A nice idea, and you’ve done it so quickly. I look forward to seeing it on servers.

  • Haha that’s pretty funny. Look forward to seeing more about it.

  • @coconuts51:

    Alert! King Argon discovered the formula for a potion that allows travel in the past!

    King Argon is dead I belive.

  • Well this story is happening before his death XD

    You can test this map on the server: [FR] Morte couille ! Custom map

    Its not on the workshop (later), you need to download the map here : http://www.morte-couille.fr/upload/Download/AOCSDKLevels_0187C5C349DE3D31EE3409B4FD8F9160.cmwsdk

    Put in chivalry/UDKgame/CookedSDK/__CMWSDKFiles and type “open AOCTO-visiteur” in console or go to my server and do a votemap :D

    This is just for testing, the final version of the map can not be like that at all!

  • Malric and Argon fought together until he died.

    Feydrid is the leader of the agathians in the time of the civil war.

  • I do not know much about the story, I just typed this seeming background for fun and give an interest for this map! So I corrected Argon by Feydrid :D

  • Lol.

    This game has a pretty big backstory. And it makes it confusing when all the agathians yell “For Argon”.

    But yeah he dead, probably. No body was ever found. The king had a son who was next in line to the throne is also missing Danum Argon. Argon is actually the surname and the dead kings first name is Alphonso. Feydrid Kearn was king Alphonso Argon’s right hand man and friend for years. Malric Terrowin is a distant relation to Argon and leader of an elite group of soldiers that become known as the mason order. They were an elite force in the agathian army.

    King argon had built a nice big empire for himself conquering all. Once there was no more to be conquered he got bored. Ironically it was King Argon who had a thirst for blood. So he turned his attention to a far off place called Tenosia. Filled with heathens he decided to go on a crusade all the way to Tenosia. He was strongly advised not to go. They had just had a war and this was foreign lands. Malric was one of those who advised against going.

    But they went anyway. The training mission is them embarking for Tenosia. Malric’s elite force wasn’t called anything before. Malric only accepted the best to fight with him. And in the lead up to the crusade they started to become known as the mason order. Why mason? Who knows.

    When they got there things did not go as planned. Not much is known about the crusade but after 2 and a half years it pretty much went to shit. Many of the men wanted to go home. Argon stayed and no man left his side. But they had suffered many losses. Most of the replacements coming in had little or no training and there were only a handful of veterans left from the wars preceding. There was one final battle. The Tenosian’s were far better equipped to fight in the conditions and were used to the heat. King argon fought in the battle. The battle was lost. What was left of the army retreated to the ships. Argon was missing presumed dead.

    There was an argument. Many of the agathian soldiers now lead by Feydrid Kearn did not believe Argon was dead. Malric wanted to leave straight away along with his men and anyone else who cared to join them. Malric left with many of the men and ships. While Feydrid stayed with the rest to find argon.

    When malric got back to agatha he was angry. If anyone had listened to him none of this wouldn’t of happened. And who would take the kings throne. The kings son was also missing. Malric decided he would take the throne. He had men behind him. As there was nothing to stop him. And malric wanted to run the empire his way. He despised the weak and thought that the weak should be killed or sent into slavery to serve the strong. The way nature intended. From the remnants of an elite force he created an army. Most of the agathians who came back had lost faith in their king and joined malric. And anyone who thought themselves as strong had the opportunity to join Malric’s fast growing army. He quickly took over the capital with little resistance and started spreading out to claim what he thought was rightfully his.

    Feydrid and the other agathians after a few months couldn’t find any trace of argon. Defeated and dismayed they got on the rest of the transport and sailed for home. Only when they got back to port they saw a a new flag flying over port. And they were engaged by warships that blocked then out of port. The agathians ships were only transports with only one warship as escort. Though they were lucky their enemies had few warships so they were stuck in a stalemate. Some of the men recognised the insignia on those ships. They are the fists and eagle of the mason order. Their problems had got worse. There was to be no rest for them. They quickly organised an attack on the port with a small group of infantry supporting the rest of the transports.

    They were ordered up the hillside to light the signal fire to signal the ships to destroy the wall.

    This is where the game starts. On the map hillside.

    I got a little carried away there but that is more or less the backstory of the civil war.

  • Thank you for the reminder, I had already read the story on the website banner torn but I’re not a good enough level of English XD

    Now with a translator it gets better!

    The first post has been updated, many changes on the map!

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