[READ FIRST] Mod/Map Title Tags

  • With the new sub-forum additions, this section will be a LOT neater and not so clustered. With that in mind, I’d like you guys to keep your thread titles updated with any of the tags listed below. If you have suggestions for others, please post below as well.


    [ANNOUNCED] - Your mod/map is going to happen for sure, but you have announced it so everyone is aware of it happening.
    [IN PROGRESS] - Your mod/map is currently a work in progress
    [ALPHA RELEASE] - Your mod/map is released in alpha stage
    [BETA RELEASE] - Your mod/map is released in beta stage
    [RELEASED] - Your mod/map is complete and officially released
    [CANCELED] - You have ceased all production of your mod/map and will not be working on it any further. For incomplete mods only! (not released)

    ** It would be helpful as well to put what it is you are working on. If it’s a full mod, then please put something like [ANNOUNCED] - MOD: Star Wars or [IN PROGRESS] - MAP: Herpy Derpy

    *** I have added a “progress” BBCode if you’d like to use that for visual purposes. It will look like so:

    Current project status: [progress:1i9u7kqg]66[/progress:1i9u7kqg]

    Just use the code like this:


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