[BETA] CTF Castle Vs Castle

  • This is a post about my map Castle Vs Castle, currently on the workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=195835619&searchtext=

    While i was making the map i was thinking about the times i played Stronghold Crusader, those big castle vs castle battles in the middle of the desert and meeting your opponents on open battle or besieging their castles.
    The map consists of a huge map, with 2 castles on each end, one belonging to the Agatha Knights and another to the Mason Order, seperated with a small wooden fortress in the middle. This fortress has a catapult in which the range was edited in a way it can reach any of the 2 castles, giving the players a tactical advantage for whoever captures it. Bots are supported but they will only respawn inside each castle and charge in a straight line against the enemies base, anything more complicated then that and they start wondering into the depts of the desert to never be seen again : )
    On the first build i also had balistas on top of the walls, but it was ruining the experience and it was not proving the type of play style i wanted to achieve with this map.
    I was hopping that maybe i would have 50 people play it, but at the time of this post i have 577 subscribers which for me is insane. It makes me really pumped up to keep suporting the map and move on to deadliest warrior SDK(i already have a good idea on what i want to build). This was my first map on the UDK, and for me its a steeping stone for something greater. I will keep working hard so that my maps can get better and better.
    Screenshots below

    I also would really appreciate any feedback on the map, either it be gameplay wise or bugs.
    Thank you so much :D

  • Hi, I haven’t had a chance to play it yet but the idea sounds great. In some ways it is similar to my map in that it’s big and the main idea is a Siege. Let’s hope the custom servers become more popular because these maps really need lots of people on each team.

  • Castle vs castle. An idea long overdue, so good job :D

  • I love the idea!!! And I really want to play, when or where can we play this !!! I subscribed on steam workshop and now what to do ??? I am a total noob on steam workshop….

  • @boldest:

    I love the idea!!! And I really want to play, when or where can we play this !!! I subscribed on steam workshop and now what to do ??? I am a total noob on steam workshop….

    Find a server that hosts this map. I -think- Kimi’s custom map server had it, but I haven’t seen that server in awhile now. Plus, server browser is broken again so I don’t think you’ll get a chance to try this until after it’s fixed.

  • Ah… I see, ty. Is Kimi’s custom map server EU or US? I am EU and US has a to high ping for me :( And the chances are small to find this map at all (have to try server browser filter), and then hopefully there are enough ppl to play it with. Maybe we can try to arrange some custom map try out dates, good for map builders and good for ppl who wants to do some different maps with enough players. :)

  • It’s been a while and still I haven’t had a chance to play this map yet…… Simply there aren’t much servers doing custom maps and if there are some they are empty. Also I cant see what maps the server is rotating, so don’t know if it will come online or not at all. Can’t we do something about this? I got the feeling I never will play this map I am really interested in.

  • Hey, played the map and even though its designed for 50 players its still WAAAAAY too big. It takes forever just to walk across the map.

    To make the this map popular and viable for public players and competetive players you don’t need much changes tbh. In AoC we had a relative small map that was built on the same concept but it was very fun and intense. Both teams had an almost back and forth for the control of a single flag in order to capture the castle.

    Here are my suggestions:

    1. The distance between the two castles should be atleast half of what it is now or even less, but I don’t remmember the exact distance. But it should be considerably less. No one likes to walk miles towards the objective.

    2. Make the middle camp, “capturable” and serve as a spawn point. So everytime a team captures the camp they get to spawn into that camp.

    Thats basically all you need to do to make it more popular and fun.

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