Heavy Javelin Idea

  • So the heavy javelin is basically a roman era pilum. What you will notice is that these were specifically used as javelins with a secondary effect being that they could double as a short spear. They were employed to be thrown at close range at enemies, where they would strike and maim, but also catch in enemies shields. They were designed so the long spear end would bend out of shape once it struck something solid, so any shield that caught the javelin would then have a 6 foot spear stuck in it. This would either make the shield useless where the user would not be able to wield it properly, or it would disrupt enemy formations as they struggled to pull the javelin out.

    So my idea is ONLY for the heavy javelin which is this:

    Shield Break

    key to charge your javelin toss (perhaps 2 or 3 seconds of charging to simulate the emphasis on action which is needed to throw that kind of javelin). At the cost of 50 stamina (half of a full stamina bar) you heft a heavy javelin at the enemy. If it strikes a shield, then the shield will be immediately broken and cannot be used until either respawn or resupply at an ammo box. Apart from these features, nothing is changed in regards to damage and speed of projectile.

    Too much? Can you see this as being overpowered or imbalanced in any way? Perhaps what could be added to help balance this mechanic is the Roman Scutum shield or Parma shield and then reduce the number of Heavy Javelins ammunition to 2.

    Buckler could still be picked but you would then not have the ability to perform the heavy javelin shield break throw but you would have a total of 4 javelins to play with.

    Might get a bit confusing when collecting javelins from corpses or the ground, but then maybe make it so a bent javelin can be retrieved and thrown again but will have much less of an effect. My argument here being that in a game where you can obliterate someone’s head with the handle end of a pole arm or where you can literally pull the spent arrows and bolts out of still living players, then reusing a heavy javelin after throwing it should still be allowed if you can pick it up.

    Thoughts? Yay/Nay? Is breaking someone’s shield too anti fun?

  • …but what if you break a Knight’s buckler shield?

  • I’d be down for this. We need new things added to the game…it’s getting boring after so long. :( However, giving a utility like this to one jav type could/would cause an imbalance with the rest. So, maybe other javelins could do it too, but it would take more short spears than heavy javs to break a shield? It’s an interesting concept because it would bring about more teamwork. Heavy javver breaks enemy’s shield, friendly bow archer shoots enemy who just got their shield broken. At the same time, I’m really afraid of any archer buffs… :?

  • @Rickvs:

    …but what if you break a Knight’s buckler shield?

    now THAT is an interesting question, same with another jav archers shield too.

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