Experience bug after patch is still here

  • When i go to customization I see level 5 on my viking for example but when I join a game it says level 0 and I only have access to basic weapons

    Is anyone else experiencing this ?

    Can I do anything about it right now ?

    Will it ever be fixed ?

    These bugs take all the fun out from playing this game…

  • I’ve noticed this as well, but I have a work around/fix for you. Notice how it does this at the START of every game(assuming here, this is what it does to me). If this is your case, select a loadout, and immediately after press ‘m’ and bring up the loadout menu again. Now check if your weapons and stuff are there, select a loadout and press ‘TAB’ to see if your rank is on the scoreboard. (if this doesn’t work, try letting yourself spawn with whatever loadout, THEN press ‘m’ and try what I said)

    THIS works for me so I hope I’m of some help for you too. The bug I’m encountering seems to be at the start of a game and only at the start, after that I have no trouble.

  • Usually this only happens when joining a new server, and you just have to close the class select screen and re-open it, then all your stuff will be there.

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